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Newland launches a new member of megapixel products: FM430 Fixed Mount Scanner

Newland is rapidly strengthening its megapixel product line as it has rolled out several megapixel barcode scanners over the recent months, including handheld barcode scanner HR42, portable data terminal PT60, and now the fixed mount barcode scanner FM430.

As an upgraded version of FM420 (which has been well favored in the market since its debut), FM430 is suitable for self-service, O2O (online and offline) and other applications. FM430 follows the sturdy and durable design of FM420, with an

IP54-sealed and drop resistant (1.5m) housing. FM430 is equipped with megapixel barcode scan engine and additional  sensors, greatly enhanced the performance. The combination of IR sensor/ light sensor exhibits an improved triggering

sensitivity, resulted in higher throughput and productivity. With its automatic exposure control, FM430 can read barcodes

even in complete darkness or direct sunlight, unaffected by external light condition. In addition, the highly visible laser

aimer is available as an option for customers who are demanding for clear and accurate aiming.

For customers already using FM420, they can upgrade to FM430 with little effort thanks to its plug-and-play feature,

easy-to-install design and compatibility. FM430 performs great when reading barcodes on mobile phone screen, whether  screen is small or large, even cracked or set to the lowest brightness level, scanning is always snappy and easy. FM430

provides a flexible and easy-to-use barcode scanning solution for self-service terminals.


The FM430 is available for sale now. Please contact your local sales office for more information!

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