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Application of Newland PDA to E-Commerce Operations Management

User’s Background

Founded in 1972 in Australia, JSJ (JEANSWEST) has become a genuine industry leader with more than 2,000 chain stores and franchised outlets throughout the country. With the development of e-commerce, JSJ has also built up e- marketing channels.

User’s Needs

At the peak of online shopping day, a large number of orders are sent out concurrently. However, the inefficient, decentralized and backward logistics and distribution system has always been a major bottleneck hindering the development of e-commerce. Traditional e-commerce distribution management depends on paper recording and computer type-in, with high error rate, inadequate tracking and monitoring efforts, seriously lagged logistics information, low market scheduling ability, low changing or returning efficiency and not timely exception handling which affect customer’s experience and satisfaction;


This solution is a multi-functional system customized for e-commerce, which realizes a full coverage of the logistics and distribution chain in e-commerce mode. The entire solution flow from order pick-up, transportation of goods, task assignment and delivery by the delivering staff, to the goods delivery to users, signing and uploading can be applied to e-commerce operation management through the Newland PDA.

Functional Characteristics



Reduce labor cost

The type-in and checking time of unit goods is saved significantly, and thereby the labor cost invested in the warehousing logistics system is reduced, offering better benefits.

Ensure the accuracy of order data

Efficient operation of order placement and modification allows the merchant to accurately grasp the order information and reduces the time of cross-check; the warehouse keeper needs not to record on paper, but scan the barcode to register in-put and out-put to ensure the accuracy and reliability of input data, and can export and upload the data at real time to seamlessly connect with the information management system, which is convenient for inquiry. Receipt, sorting and in-put and out-put management of orders is time-saving, accurate and efficient; logistics is tracked at real time; and the distribution process is transparent.

Improve e-commerce distribution

The lagging of information and poor accuracy of manual type-in of a large number of orders, etc. are effectively reduced. Newland PDA can effectively achieve all-round management of warehouse, transshipment and distribution process to improve the efficiency of e-commerce distribution.

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