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Making Healthcare Truly Mobilized: Newland Joint Solution with ACS MediHealth

Challenges of Today’s Health Systems

Today’s healthcare institutions are at a critical crossroads, attempting to navigate a 21st century landscape using 20th century technology. Health systems must adapt to shifting payment models, aging populations and a rise in medical errors. As health systems optimize their technology, systems and processes in response to these changes, it’s essential that these improvements begin with better communication.


ACS MediHealth is the Preferred MEDITECH Partner for mobile solutions for Expanse with a 25+ years relationship with MEDITECH.

MEDITECH has certified Dryrain Browser as their preferred interface for running Expanse on Newland Healthcare terminal.

VAR friendly deployment and configuration of Expanse on supported Newland devices.

Consistent behavior across all supported Android OS versions.

Leveraged by MEDITECH to provide deep, near-native, integration with the chosen hardware.

Certified by Imprivata for full Single Sign On support through Mobile Device Access (MDA).

Extremely fast setup and deployment.

Backed by premium support.


Key Features

Patient Data and Chart Views: Support real-time and historical patient data/chart viewing by launching into the patient information section, such as current and historical medications, detailed allergies/adverse drug reactions, interventions, problem lists, etc.

Medication Administration: Embedded Medication Administration Record and Bedside Verification components enable the clinicians to: scan, acknowledge, review, administer, and co-sign medications, document medication assessments and reassessments, view and override medication conflicts and renewal warnings, and display the protocol and taper schedule.

Other features: worklist & interventions.


Ergonomic design renders a lightweight and well-balanced device that reduces fatigue during workflows.

The powerful megapixel engine can easily decode dirty and poorly printed barcodes.

Biological identification to ensure the security and privacy of medical data.

High resolution and appropriate display ratio help staff view patients' records and other data-intensive applications, especially outdoor viewable.

Why Newland

  • One of the leading companies in the Auto-ID industry

  • Over 20 years of R&D experiences on barcode scanning technology

  • Exclusive   20200110 scanning technology

  • The inventor of barcode decoding chips

  • The most comprehensive scanning portfolio, from 1D to 2D, from corded to cordless, from paper label to screen barcode & DPM (Direct Part Mark)

  • Time to the market OEM & customized scanning solutions

  • Direct technical support & professional services

  • Android Enterprise Recommended

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