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Newland Healthcare Solutions: Guarding Life with Technologies

Human beings and viruses never called a trucein history. The viruses are terrifying for their invisibility to the naked eye and strong infectivity. “To cure more patients with limited time and resources” is a tough challenge for all hospitals.

Newland Auto-ID Tech. Co., Ltd., as one of the world-leading companies in the Auto-ID industry, with a full range of healthcare solutions, provides purpose-built devices applied with antibacterial materials to effectively protect the medical staff and reduce the probability of cross-infection.

During the outbreaks of COVID-19, NewlandAuto-ID has donated hundreds of devices, which relieved the high pressure on hospitals caused by the surge of patients and are widely acknowledged by the hospitals.


On almost every process in a hospital, Newland healthcare solutions are capable to make a difference: First Aid, admission/discharge management, diagnostic service, specimen collection, pharmacy management, surgical equipment traceability, self-service kiosks, etc.

First Aid & Point of Care

The out-call doctor collects patients’ data and interacts with the hospital by Newland mobile terminals through 4G network. This ensures the immediate treatment of the patient and reduces the valuable rescue time wasted in transit.

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Newland healthcare mobile terminals deliver real-time information right into the hands of medical staff with superior data collection, wireless communications and processing power. Equipped with the professional scan engine that Newland Healthcare mobile terminals scan swiftly and accurately. Powerful performance that arecapable of reading ID cards and PDF417 on the driver licenses for patient verification.

Their rugged disinfectant-ready housing is purpose-built to endure daily use inside the hospital, resist the harmful effects of harsh cleaning agents commonly used in healthcare environments and minimize the spread of infectious diseases and better equipping our doctors and nurses to fight the virus.

Healthcare Admission &Discharges

To quickly verify the patient's identity andsimplify admission procedures by scanning electronic healthcare card or electronic healthcare insurance voucher.

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  • Superior scanning performance on screen barcode

  • Ultra-large scan window, fast scan

  • Antibacterial materials shell are tolerant for sterilization

Specimen Collection

To establish a sample information database via accurate label scanning. by scanning the label to obtain sample test results and achieve an efficient and accurate patient diagnosis.

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Transfusion Management

The quick verification of the patient's identity by scanning the labels ensures medication accuracy and prevents medical errors. Through the transfusion monitoring and calling system, the notificatio­­n will be pushed to the medical staff’s PDA immediately, reminding for the medication replacement.

Clinical Nursing

To achieve fast patient identification andaccurate medication execution by scanning barcodes on the patient's wristband.

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To confirm the patient's identity with barcodes on medication through Newland mobile terminals or handheld scanners to reduce medication errors.

Information Query

The NQuire series customer information terminal has a small footprint ideal for space-saving installations: This wall-mountable information kiosk canbe easily installed throughout the hospital so that patients can check whenever they want for up-to-date information.

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Surgical Equipment Traceability

Newland industrial HD/DP scanner NVH300 series, withsuperior decoding performance regardless of any surface materials, are perfect solutions for the track & trace of surgical equipment, which applied with high-density barcode & direct part marks.

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Self-Service Kiosk

Equipped with Newland fixed mount scanners or scan engines, self- service kiosks facilitate patients to process the payment themselves with the digital health codes or health insurance vouchers.

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